What is E-mail Marketing?

email marketing list

e-mail marketing

Marketing comes in many different forms when utilizing online platforms; one of the most efficient being e-mail marketing. Email marketing is simple in design, and equally so, to implement but many businesses have long since abused this marketing method to the point that web users have begun to be unresponsive.

If you want to be satisfied with understanding what email marketing is and how to implement it into your existing business, continue reading this article and you will get the full scoop on this powerful marketing platform.

What is e-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing is the exchange of one’s email, based on their permission, to be sent email updates related to your business.

Newsletters are the most common form of email marketing which updates a subscriber on a regular basis about recent promotions, events, and milestones a company has reached in the year. People often subscribe to newsletters to gain discounts on products they order from the enterprise.

The alternative to creating a newsletter is built a highly optimized email list in which you can provide great content and the following market toward in hopes of converting subscribers into a sale. Even if your website rankings take a dip in search engine results, if you have a list you’ll still be able to reach a vast amount of people on the web.

Email Personalization

How to build an email marketing list

By this point, you may be getting excited and want to take action to begin building your email list. It is a fact that a highly optimized email list can quickly increase sales, customer satisfaction and build your brand but some best practices should be discussed.

Due to high amounts of businesses spamming their email list, it is become increasingly difficult to gain subscribers. Today, you must offer some incentive for their email address – such items as a coupon, eBook, video series or a free service. The keyword is free; it’s often irresistible.

email marketing list

How to market to a list

Once you have begun to build your email list, you will feel encouraged to start marketing toward your subscribers. Before you send out an email, remember that your customers trust you to provide good content – not just sales messages.

It’s good practice to share more helpful information than marketing messages (5:1, 10:1, 15:1 ratio); this way, subscribers can still gain great content, cement your authority and build trust. Only after you have power and confidence with your e-mail list should you begin marketing.

Quality Marketing Email List

Finally, always make sure that you test your email marketing message through split testing – much like any other aspect of your business. Optimize your emails and list until each new email that goes out increases your business and creates a steady cash flow.