Sena 20S-01 Review – The Top bluetooth headphones for motorcycle helmet


Looking to get hold of the right Bluetooth headphones for motorcycle helmet headset for music? Here is a Buyer’s Guide from Ironhorsetrading on the 5 Best Motorcycle Headsets that works wonders. Which features Sena 20s-1 and other latest Sena Headphones.

Buying a Bluetooth headset can potentially be tricky. Where a good headset can reduce the maximum of your hands-free operations it can create a number of problems if it does not satisfy at least the basic requirements. How does the Sena 20 S fare? We will take a look at it below.

Things to Consider Before buying a Bluetooth Headphone for Motorcycle Helmet

Sena 20S

What makes a Bluetooth headphone stand out? Here are some of the things you need to check out.


  • The communication range on offer
  • The ease with which you can accept calls while riding
  • The sound itself
  • Additional features like noise cancellation
  • The battery life – you don’t want it to die out soon
  • The build – is it durable enough?


Presenting the Sena 20 S: A complete insider into the product


The all new Sena 20 S brings you a new wave of excitement with its high-end features to suit all the needs that you expect your hands-free device to cater to.

I hope after going through this, your decision of buying becomes a little easier than before. I have reviewed the product on the basis of certain basic factors. I have reviewed how well they performed as per those needs.

Sena 20S-01D Motorcycle Bluetooth

Features and Benefits


Here are some of the things that you would love about these Bluetooth headphones for motorcycle helmet headset for music.


Build performance:

Speaking of the build and design quality of the all-new Sena 20 S, you will readily feel the product erupt a very fresh and modern look. Further, gracing its modernity you can find the helmet mounted with flat contacts that have enabled its long wear comfort without causing any kind of headaches.

However, no matter how irritating they might tend to be, the result is excellent. Its enclosures are available in the detachable format. Thus, here comes the added benefit of the access to replace it for less money if found damaged.

The Verdict: Aiding to its sleek and light quality, I would definitely recommend the product. It highly justifies its wireless headset quality.

Sena 20S Intercom Module

Microphone performance:


The microphone is definitely one of the USPs of the new Sena 20 S. It supports you with a firm yet resilient boom that seems to last for long period of time. The shape of the microphone is akin to an old-fashioned rudder on the front side.

The Verdict: It isn’t at all a question of debate that this headset provides one of the best microphones that you may have used in some time.


Pairing performance:


You can pair up to 8 riders at one go and works even with non-Sena headphones easily.

However, when it comes to pairing connectivity, you may find the product a little bit tricky to handle. You would need to first remove the 20 S intercom modules from the helmet mount to connect it via a Bluetooth to any android device. I tried pairing it with the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone 7.

The results that I have observed is such that while it got connected easily to all the devices, a single tap would do so while a fine touch could not perform the same action.

I loved the fact that you could listen to music, FM Radio or just the GPS even while talking to others, thanks to the audio multitasking technology.

Sena 20S EVO Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System Review

Sound performance:


The sound performance of the all-new Sena 20 S is just remarkable. You can expect to witness clear, distinct and deep audio output from the product.

the sound quality is surely the showstopper of this product. One cannot deny its performance level when it comes to sound.


Voice commands performance:


This feature is undoubtedly the star performer of the product. When in the standby mode, the product gets activated with the command of ‘hello Sena’. You can use this feature for navigation purposes. However, for me personally, this feature did not perform very well.

I encountered a number of hassles while testing this feature. Many times the system could not recognize and keep up with the pace of my speech and thus there occurred an error in the action.

This feature did not really go well for me. I did not find the quality of function of the feature up to the mark as the brand claims it to be.

Sena 30K-01 30K

Music performance:


The Sena 20 S does a fairly good work in this niche too. However, there is nothing remarkable to quote about the product too. It just works fine just like any other standard product.

I would not mind saying the Sena 20 S to be working just fine when it comes to music. However, it would not be very recommendable for a person to use this product that has aspirations for music.


Battery life:


The battery life is that one aspect one which almost half of the overall performance of a wireless headset depends on. This can be justified with good reasons. Without battery life, no matter how much high end it might be, all its efficiency would turn to be a waste.

However, this is not the case with the Sena 20 S. I was quite impressed with the battery life that this product supports with. I have used this product for up to a good period of 13 hours without charging still left with 5 percent of battery.

The Verdict: The battery is highly appreciable.

You might like to consider my experience with the product before you buy the same. I have reviewed the product on the basis of some basic important criteria, as to how much functional the product is, on the terms of these factors. Perhaps, this product is the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that you may have seen in some time.

Sena 20s EVO

Social Proof


Most customers loved the sound it had to offer. There is one problem though, as many have pointed out – the headphones are not waterproof. So, if you are going out on a rainy day, we really wouldn’t tell you to wear them.

Additionally, so have stated that the communication range on offer isn’t that great.


The Alternatives


If you are looking for some of the other best Bluetooth headphones for motorcycle helmet headset for music, here is a list.


  • Sena 20S EVO Bluetooth Headset – A much economical choice, it offers full onboard audio functionality.
  • Sena SMH5-02 Low-Profile Motorcycle and Scooter Bluetooth Headset – It’s meant for full face helmets, and offers a Jog Dial and large button to create an easy user interface. Also has a decent battery life of around 8 hours.
  • Sena Bluetooth Headset and Intercom for Scooters/Motorcycles – Offers individual volume control for each audio source, helping you create the customizations you need to have a better audio experience.





The new Sena 20 S is undoubtedly a treat to your eyes. Further, accompanying it are its major factors of sound quality and battery life that makes it a fairly considerable model for buying