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Before, when I worked as the hydraulic specialist for a multinational company, I was prepared for the worst.

I have learned from mistakes, and when I go on board, I try to follow some self-made ground rules.

Also, I learned that planning everything you do is best to get the job done. So all the time I was to a post, I planned first and then got to work.

The first thing I do I talk with the person in charge with the equipment I have to inspect or repair and ask him about working conditions of that equipment and other problems related to it.

Then I check the manual of the equipment and look for drawings and other related info.

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After these preliminary checks, I get to work.

My strengths are inspections and repairs of electro-hydraulic deck cranes.

hydraulic parts

I started with the crane.

First I make a visual inspection and then if I find problems I try to rectify.

For these cranes the operation was good. I found a small problem at one of the cranes – the speed of luffing and hoisting winch was faster than normal. I adjusted accordingly. For this variation of speed should be adjusted so-called plus sign. Plussing of the pump is done to compensate for internal leakage in pumps and motors to prevent load drops.

Then I covered some maintenance issues like greasing of slewing bearing which is one of the most important parts of the crane, and then I took a sample of oil to be sent for analysis.

After I had finished the crane’s inspection, I checked the mooring and anchor winches.

I discovered some problems with the winches. They were working just in manual operation. The automatic process was nonexistent.

The crew was bored; they said the winches are working properly. But, when I checked I found problems. Indeed, the winches were working but just in manual operation.

This attitude I have met many times on a lot of vessels. They are too relaxed, they want peaceful voyage, and if it’s possible, they don’t want to exert any effort at all.

Is this bother me? Not at all, it can be a problem though in the future when the equipment is unusable. And they should spend more money and time which means significant losses for the company.