Why Entrepreneurs Are Important for the Economy

creating jobs

Entrepreneurs Are Important

It seems like every time that there is a major election in this country that politicians come out with their big plans on how they will help to regain the economy on track or even stronger than ever. This often includes such things as helping small businesses, providing tax cuts to the middle class, and even providing cuts to big businesses and the wealthy. All of them, they tell you, our ways that the country can be more successful than in any other time in its history.

What has often danced around but never actually mentioned outright is the importance that the entrepreneur plays in this country. While big businesses have helped to create opportunities for growth by providing millions of jobs and creating significant tax sources to enable the government to function, the truth of the matter is that all of these businesses began with one entrepreneur looking to create a service or product that he or she could sell to consumers.

The entrepreneur has played as much of an important role in this country’s development as any other factor that you can talk about. They help to keep the economy running successfully and have made this one of the greatest countries to live in. Here are reasons why the entrepreneur has become so important to the economy.

They Create New Products that Help to Make the Country Better


If it were not for entrepreneurs, we still would be sending messages across the plains using pony express, riding in a stagecoach, using candles or oil lanterns for light, and eating food that we captured that day. It is entrepreneurs who helped to dramatically change the way that the country is by creating innovations, products, and services that have enabled us to grow and have greater technological advancement. Without them, we wouldn’t have computers, light bulbs, refrigerators, cars, or any of the other things that are absolute necessities to survive these days.

They Create Jobs

creating jobs

For every business that is established, the likelihood is that as that business grows, then job opportunities will arise where people can gain employment. Every product that needs to be manufactured needs an organization to create that product, who also hire employees to do the work. Without entrepreneurs, there would really be no employment beyond the federal government. They create opportunities for people to have jobs, and then some services come with those businesses.

For example, somebody along the way came up with the idea for the printing press. That’s an incredible innovation, but it also opened additional job opportunities because of there needed to be paper, ink manufacturers, and steel plate creators who all played a role in making the printing press more successful. One innovation created jobs in many industries.

They Make Dreams Happen

Entrepreneurs Make Dreams Happen

One of the best parts about entrepreneurs is that they inspire millions of people to reach the same goal. There’s a little investor or businessperson in the vast majority of us who would like to believe that we can do the same thing that they did. Because of the model that they have set, they are setting a bright future for the country as millions will try to pursue their same dream.