Blogs As Ultimate Personal Finance Resources

Personal Finance Resources

Today, personal finance management is art or better said a science. As in every science, you must use proper resources. A good thing is the fact that there are plenty of them and each one is different in its own way. If you are old-school, you will believe that books are the best resource. But, how many finance books have you read recently? Probably zero. All of this means that finance blogs are far more useful and better. They also offer a variety of benefits and advantages.

You will learn about actual events and with ideas which have been used by others

Here is the main advantage of using blogs as AAACreditGuide – Credit, Debt, Loans and Other Personal Finance Resources. Each one will provide fresh ideas developed by people who had similar issued as you, or who found a way of improving their financial situations. Each idea is also tested and you can read the effect it had. As you may believe, this is a safe method to improve your financial situation.

Then we have the fact that all methods which had a negative effect will be explained. Yes, it is wise to learn from your own mistakes, but it is even better to learn from someone else’s mistakes. In addition, you will probably find a fix for an error which was caused by incorrect method usage.

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Using new and useful gadgets and tools

Because the internet is focused on the latest things more than in anything else, you can expect to find useful information on blogs, regarding the tools and gadgets which can help you save money.

At the same time, we can see that this benefit is something financial books don’t have. They are static, which means they don’t have the ability to advance and to help you with modern solutions. On the other side, blogs have and even better, the main advantage is this one.

Using new solutions won’t only be smart, it will be productive as well. New tools and new gadgets are beneficial in many aspects, so you won’t even realize how much your financial productivity will be improved. All of this is done passively or better said much easier than using other resources.

Becoming a part of community

None of other financial resources can provide you this benefit. Blogs are all about communities and becoming a member will certainly be ideal. Most of the finance blogs have a community which consists mostly of businessmen, SEOs, brokers, finance experts and a lot of ordinary people, like you and me. The true power of the community is to its members. If we know that all of the just mentioned individuals can assist you in a specific way, we can deduce that your problems and your plans will be processed as a community point.

The community benefit is closely related to the first point here. Sharing ideas and personal experiences, with the useful tips to do and severe mistakes to avoid will not only make you a personal finance expert, but also a proficient member of local society. Yes, all of that is possible with the power of finance blogs. The best part, they are completely free, while other resources aren’t. You are already saving money.

Becoming a part of community

What about other financial resources?

It would be a mistake not to mention other resources once we can. Obviously, books are the next best thing. Yes, they are filled with details you will never use and they are time-consuming, but they are a great foundation of knowledge.

Free videos and online courses do exist and we recommend them as well. The best of the best are those for beginners with the level up mode, meaning that eventually, you will be able to watch videos for advanced finance individuals.

financial resources

Templates are excellent if you don’t like creating spreadsheets for your budget. Yes, they are free and they are easy to use. Also, there are plenty of apps, like Personal Capital which replace the need for pen and paper. If you are planning to get serious with personal finance, this resource is more than just needed.

All of you who are more interested in listening than watching, personal podcasts are ideal. Just try to find one with useful information and without unimportant things.


There are plenty of personal finance resources. We counted more than 7 of them, but blogs are simply the best. Each one provides you the ultimate base of knowledge, accessible within a matter of seconds where you can find all you will ever need regarding personal finance.